What is Lumpy Mail™?

Lumpy Mail™ is direct mail that literally has a lump in it. Any kind of curiously lumpy, 3D, or oddly shaped mailing piece. It might be “worry dolls” or shredded money sent along in your sales letter. It might be a Lumpy Mail™ trash can with a letter crumpled inside. It might be a bank bag Lumpy Mail™ piece that has a letter inside. It might be a large poster rolled up in a clear tube mailer or a boomerang. There are all kinds of unusual items you can add to your mailing piece, or mail your sales letters in. There are two parts to a Lumpy Mail™ direct mail pieces… “FREEMIUMS” The items you use to make your direct mail piece “lumpy” are what we call “Freemiums”. We call them “Freemiums” because let’s face it – aspirin in a package, sports bottle mailer, and custom thumb drive are all much better to get than a plain sales letter. “Freemiums” are what you use to get their attention, make your company stand out of the rest of unsolicited mail they get, and make them pay attention to your call-to-action. “PREEMIUMS” “Preemiums” in a Lumpy Mail™ piece are premium offers you use in your sales letter as an incentive for your prospect to take the action you are asking them to take in your call-to-action. These are free gifts of higher value than the Freemiums they got in your direct mail piece, and they are offers they must give you contact information in order to get. “Preemiums” can get response rates that are 300% higher than direct mail pieces with no premium offers. They are great for generating leads and sales.

Why should I use Lumpy Mail™?

USE LUMPY MAIL™ PIECES* TO GET YOUR MAIL OPENED It might seem cheesy to you, but there is a good reason to use Lumpy Mail™ – it works. Because they are 3D mail, Lumpy Mail™ pieces are attention-getting and easily picked out of a pile of traditional “flat” mail. In fact, they are usually at the top of the pile simply because they aren’t flat! Believe it or not, Lumpy Mail™ gets opened 100% of the time. That’s not a typo. People simply won’t ignore a Lumpy Mail™ piece. Most people sort through the pile of mail they get pretty quickly. They often do it right over the trash can, deciding what they’re going to throw away, what they’re going to keep to deal with later, and what they’ll open immediately. Typically it takes them just three second to decide which of the following piles a direct mail piece is going into: #1: The “C” Pile. This is the mail going right into the trash can. It’s the junk mail. The uninteresting mail. The irrelevant mail. The mail that they peg as a waste of their time. Obviously you want to keep your direct mail piece from landing in this pile. #2: The “B” Pile. This is mail they know they need to keep, or want to keep, but it gets tossed onto the “to open later” pile. It’s the bills. The forms they need to fill out and return. The bank statements. The correspondence they will need to return. It’s okay if your direct mail piece lands in this pile, because it’s got a fairly decent chance of being opened at some point. And then there’s… #3: The “A” Pile. This is the “Awesome” pile – the mail that’s gotten their attention so much that they will open it immediately. This is the birthday cards. The wedding invitations. It’s the checks. The mail they were looking for. And any other mail they simply can’t wait to open. This is the sweet spot – the pile you are aiming to get your direct mail piece into. Lumpy Mail™ pieces get your direct mail into the “A” pile. Which is why Lumpy Mail™ pieces consistently get response rates in the double digits.
Add A Lump Ger A Bumb

How do I use Lumpy Mail™ in my marketing?


Decide what kind of direct mail campaign you want to create. Start with the goal of your campaign, then decide what you want to say. Think about a marketing strategy that will guarantee your prospects repond. Pick an offer that compels them into action. Make sure you’re using a highly targeted list.

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Choose a creative lumpy mail packaging* that will break through all the clutter in your prospect’s mail pile.


Write a sales letter that will motivate your prospects to respond to your offer. Make sure you’re using effective copy – it’s the difference between ROI on your marketing efforts and wasting money on marketing that never makes you any money. Don’t forget your call-to-action!

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Pick a “Freemium” that will make your mailer lumpy.


Choose the “Preemium” you will use, if you are using one. Remember, this must be “irresistible bait”. Something of incredibly high value to your prospect, with very little risk for them to claim it.


Order your items, put them all together, address them, add postage, and get them out into the mail!

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