Nearly $3 Million in Sales Before the Doors Even Opened! 

Lumpy Mail™ campaigns can be used in literally every industry, regardless of your target client demographics. You might easily see the Lumpy Mail™ application for a fitness center, or a sports coach, or a personal trainer. But this campaign wasn’t used by Joe Smith, personal trainer launching his business, it was used for a fitness center at the established, well-known Sinai Hospital. And their results were astounding – over double the sales that their management team predicted they would get before their grand opening.

“Our management team with over 25 years experience predicted pre-grand opening sales to 1,100 members. Using a Lumpy Mail™ creative strategy, we brought in over 2,800 new members – that’s nearly $3 million in sales before the doors even opened! What a difference!


93 Responses in Just 10 Days

One of the ways we suggest using Lumpy Mail™ is for the reactivation of dead, or almost dead, customers. Marketing to your existing list is the easiest and most profitable marketing you can do. You’ve already spent the money to acquire those customers and they’ve already made a purchase. This is the easiest sale to make and the marketing campaign that typically has the highest ROI. Just take a look at these Lumpy Mail™ results…

“So far the response from the lumpy mail postcard mailing to reactivate dead customers has been nothing short of incredible. In just 10 working days we’ve had 93 responses. I’m looking forward to mailing #2 to see the response.”


$900,000 in Computers and Peripherals Sales

You don’t typically think of a university marketing to their students once they’ve submitted their application and are enrolled as students. But the University of Notre Dame identified a way they could make sales to incoming freshmen and then decided to use a Lumpy Mail™ campaign to promote their offer. They made nearly $1 million in sales for that campaign.

“I would like to thank you for helping us select a premium program to use for our back-to-school computer sale event. It helped us sell over $900,000 in computers and peripherals to our incoming freshmen.”


Increased Sales by a Factor of 37!

Lumpy Mail™ is often one of the most effective marketing method to drive traffic. Whether it be traffic to your website if you’re an ecommerce company, traffic to your storefront if you’re a brick-and-more retain establishment, your dining room if you’re a restaurant, or your car lot if you’re a car dealer. It works for driving traffic for the same reasons it works for anything else, but Lumpy Mail™ results become particularly effective when you add in a “Preemium”.

“On the last day of our promotion, so many people came in for the Preemium. Some even told us, “I don’t know what to buy yet, but I’ll give you a deposit now.”  The Preemium incentive helped close the deal. In one branch alone we had 13 people wanting to buy just to get the Preemium. We normally sell one or two sheds a day, but during our promotion we sold about 75! At an average of #2,800 a shed, that’s $210,000. We would not have sold as much without Lumpy Mail™!