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 Ultra Thin Flat Pen
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Standard Price:
500 items @ 0.96 each item = $480
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500 items @ 0.64each item = $320
You Save $160!

Flat Pen Price Chart
# of Units Standard Unit Price Member Unit Price Standard Total Price Member Total Price
500 $0.96 $0.64 $480 $320
1000 $0.90 $0.60 $900 $600
2500 $0.80 $0.59 $2,000 $1,475

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Ultra Thin Flat pen
The hallmark of Lumpy Mail

Most people are stressed all the time. Anything you can do to make it easier for them to respond increases your response rates. Putting the pen conveniently in hand invites the prospect to fill out the enclosed forms. Afterwards, the flat pen continues to work for you like a mini-billboard. It's best used when you want prospects to fill out applications or need to overcome their procrastination barriers.

The three main reasons people respond to direct mail with the ultra thin flat pen:
1. Lumpy
2. Convenient, makes life easier
3. Stays behind with contact information

This flat pen saves money on postage because of its thinness.

Depending on the amount of materials you're sending in the mailing and your post office, this pen may add a small surcharge for hand canceling of approx. $.14 cents when sending first class mail but nothing extra when you send it bulk mail. It is just slightly over the 1/4" thickness rule.

Royal Financial increased their response rates from around 1.28% to 20% by simply adding a flat pen! A 2,000% increase! Another financial organization tried the same thing and enjoyed a response of 28%.

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