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Yes, we do flat mail too!


Although Lumpy Mail™ is extremely effective in generating high levels of responses, it doesn’t always make sense. It’s no secret, that most Lumpy Mail™ campaigns do cost more money than flat mail campaigns. Sometimes, the finances just don’t make sense to use Lumpy Mail™.  But that doesn’t mean flat mail can’t still work.

If your product does not have a high enough price, or your mailing list is just too large to be over for a Lumpy Mail™ campaign, it often makes sense to do a flat mail campaign instead.   We can help you!

You see, Lumpy Mail™ is owned by Graphic Connections Group, a full-service printing and direct mail company. In addition to lumpy mail, we do thousands of flat direct mail pieces each and every day. Whether it’s postcards, letters, self mailers, catalogs, or flyers, we can handle it.  Just like with lumpy mail, if you need an entire campaign designed, give us a call and we can help you figure it out.

One very popular strategy is to use a combination of flat mail and Lumpy Mail™. You might use flat mail to generate an initial response with interest in your product or service. You can then use Lumpy Mail™ is a follow-up tool to those people who responded. In that way you had the best of both worlds.

Another popular strategy, is to use our fake priority mail envelopes, or clear mailer envelopes to mail flat mail. Even though it is not lumpy, the unusual envelope helps to get the mail noticed and opened.  Whatever your needs, give us a call and we will help put a plan together.

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