Lumpy Mail IdeasHave you decided to use lumpy mail, or 3D mail, to increase your direct mail success rates? Looking for Lumpy Mail™ ideas and Lumpy Mail™ examples that will guarantee that people will not only open your mail? Want to impress them so that they will not think twice about handing over their money in exchange for the product or service that you are marketing? Well, here are some Lumpy Mail™ ideas and Lumpy Mail™ examples that are sure to get your direct mail success rates skyrocketing like never before!

To make the 3D mail irresistible, it is important that you choose an object that instantly anchors the product or service you are marketing in the minds of the target audience. Capturing their attention, getting them to pay attention to what you’re offering, and motivating them to take the action you’re asking them to take will make sure you’re happy with the ROI on your marketing efforts. If you can think of an object that is unique, useful, attractive, humorous, which nobody has ever done before, then you have just such a hit on your hands.

  • If you are marketing a product or service as something that will make people’s money or investments, grow, a good Lumpy Mail™ idea to increase your direct mail success would be to have a packet of seed packets for your 3D mail. Like flower seeds, vegetable seeds or fruit seeds in your 3D mail. This effectively ties in the concept of growth to your product.
  • A custom thumb drive Lumpy Mail™ that is pre-loaded with your promotional materials will work for almost any kind of campaign.
  • Worry dolls would be a great 3D example for a campaign for life insurance or home insurance or automobile insurance. It would tie in well for anything that guarantees ‘taking away your worries’.
  • If you want to position your offer as exclusive, top tier, or premiere, try a silver platter These also work well for any type of ‘invitation’ to take you up on your offer, and actual invitations to events. (Yes, you really can mail a silver platter.)
  • Poker chips are a Lumpy Mail™ item that you can use to send the message to your prospects that they shouldn’t ‘gamble’ on another company’s products or services.
  • Aspirin bottle mailers or aspirin in a packet would be a great ‘ease your pain’ promotional campaign for any type of medical practice. But it can be used in any industry to tell prospects you can ‘ease their pain’ with your products and services.
  • A sports bottle would be a great idea for a any “get your fill” marketing campaign that will get you the direct mail success you’re looking for.
  • If you want to send a ‘we’ll help you puzzle it out’, or ‘we don’t play mind games’ campaign, mailing a Rubics Cube will help that message stick in your prospect’s head.
  • A wallet mailer is a popular choice for direct mail success. Use them at trade shows, event booths, or seminars with an incentive to respond and a “keep/get more money in your wallet” theme.
  • When you want to establish authority or stand out as an expert in your field or industry, a Lumpy Mail™ tear sheet mailer is what you need. It’s just like writing your own press release and having it printed in the newspaper. This 3d mail piece is torn along the side to make it seems as though it was torn out of a newspaper and personally sent to your prospect.

Sand timers are a good option when you want to use a “running out of time”, “don’t waste time”, or “make time” 3D mail campaign theme.