(19)If you are looking for direct mail success, then using Lumpy Mail™ should be the first thing on your agenda. Lumpy Mail™ , also called 3D mail, has been proven to the most effective way to get your target audience to open your direct mail. After all, even the most persuasively written sales letter will be a waste if the envelope is not even opened and sent straight to the thrash can!

What is Lumpy Mail™ ? Any mail that is not flat, but has a depth to it, making it more 3D than traditional flat mail, is called Lumpy Mail™ . This is achieved by enclosing any object inside the envelope, making the envelope lumpy (hence the name), OR by mailing your sales letter in a 3D carrier (like mailing tubes, trash cans, and wallet mailers).

How does this ensure direct mail success? Using Lumpy Mail™ instantly gets your prospect’s attention because it sits on the top of the mail pile (lumpy items naturally end up on the top because they don’t stack well in the middle of a pile of mail). Then it triggers natural curiosity – your prospects will want to know more about what is hidden inside the (now) mysterious envelope.

When marketing through direct mail, it is obvious that your mail (or envelope) has to stand out from the mass of envelopes that will no doubt be filling up the post box of your target audience. Direct mail success can be broken down into four crucial steps, which you will have to successfully navigate in order to get sales.

  • Getting the envelope noticed
  • Getting it opened (which will usually happen if the first step works)
  • Getting your offer read
  • Getting your prospect to respond to your offer

It is in the ‘getting your envelope noticed’ step that using Lumpy Mail™ becomes a clever strategy.

A man named John Goldman mailed a watermelon gthrough the mail to a hand-selected mailing list. He literally put stamps on an actual watermelon, taped a mailing label to it, and mailed it through the USPS. They accepted and delivered it, and 100% of the people who received the watermelon took the action John requested.

It worked because it was so outrageous that people getting it couldn’t help but respond.

This is the benefit of Lumpy Mail™ – it gets opened 100% of the time. There I sno way a person is going to receive a piece of lump mail and ignore it.

You may have to invest a little more in your Lumpy Mail™ than you do in your traditional, flat direct mail campaigns. But the cost of the promotional materials, free gifts, Freemiums, etc., that you add to the envelope will get you much higher rate of return on your investment.

Here’s an example of the importance of focusing on ROI instead of initial investment…

I recently received a box in the mail that was about a half inch thick and the size of a small book. It came in a Fedex letter mailer. It looked like a book with a thick cover. When I opened the package, it contained a small video screen and the video automatically started playing with a message that contained an offer.

It was so cool I watched the entire six minute video.

This particular offer was an invitation to attend a very high-end networking or “mastermind” group, and the price to attend was $1,000. The initial video asked me to call them, which I did. I spoke to a salesman, who easily talked me into the $1,000 price point. He also told me that if I was happy with the mastermind group, the ultimate price would be $10,000.

I accepted his offer, attended the meeting, liked it, and ended up spending the $10,000. This particular group was focused on marketing and the leader used this example as part of our discussion on direct mail success. He told us he sent the video mailer to 100 people, and he spent $25 for each video, plus another $20 per person to mail it overnight. That’s $45 per person, or a total of $4,500 for the entire mailing. Just to mail the offer.

His results made that initial investment worth it…

Twenty-five of those people who received it chose the introductory offer for $1,000. So his initial investment, which seemed really high at $45 per Lumpy Mail™ mailing piece, seemed like chump change when you consider he made $25,000 in sales from it.

Of the twenty-five people who attended the mastermind group, 15 of them agreed to the $10,000 price he was charging for the annual membership. That was another $150,000 in sales for that initial $4,500 investment.

When you focus on ROI instead of your initial investment on a Lumpy Mail™ piece, it’s easy to justify that initial investment.

And the extra investment doesn’t have to be huge (and sometimes doesn’t amount to any more of an investment at all). What you use to make your direct mail piece lumpy could be as a round tuit wooden token,scratch off cards, or worry dolls.

When you use Lumpy Mail™  you are able to easily “Add a Lump, Get a Bump” in your sales, giving you response rates that are literally through the roof and an ROI that will have you smiling all the way to the bank.