What is Lumpy Mail™?

Lumpy Mail™ is direct mail that literally has a lump in it. Any kind of curiously lumpy, 3D, or oddly shaped mailing piece.

It might be “worry dolls” or shredded money sent along in your sales letter. It might be a Lumpy Mail™ trash can with a letter crumpled inside. It might be a bank bag Lumpy Mail™ piece that has a letter inside. It might be a large poster rolled up in a clear tube mailer or a boomerang.

There are all kinds of unusual items you can add to your mailing piece, or mail your sales letters in.


How does Lumpy Mail™ work?

Years ago Lumpy Mail™ would have seemed too overpowering or gimmicky. But today, people see advertising wherever they look, whether they are reading news on their smartphones or spending more time watching commercials than television shows. Because of this, advertising needs to be unique in order to stand out. People no longer react to cookie cutter; they need something that is unconventional to be memorable. And that’s exactly what Lumpy Mail™ does – get their attention with something unexpected and surprising that jumps out at them from all the advertising clutter they no longer pay attention to.


You talk about “Freemiums” and “Preemiums” on your site, what are they?

These are the two parts to Lumpy Mail™ direct mail pieces…


The items you use to make your direct mail piece “lumpy” are what we call “Freemiums”. We call them “Freemiums” because let’s face it – aspirin in a package, sports bottle mailer, and custom thumb drive are all much better to get than a plain sales letter. “Freemiums” are what you use to get their attention, make your company stand out of the rest of unsolicited mail they get, and make them pay attention to your call-to-action.


“Preemiums” in a Lumpy Mail™ piece are premium offers you use in your sales letter as an incentive for your prospect to take the action you are asking them to take in your call-to-action. These are free gifts of higher value than the Freemiums they got in your direct mail piece, and they are offers they must give you contact information in order to get. “Preemiums” can get response rates that are 300% higher than direct mail pieces with no premium offer. They are great for generating leads and sales.


What are the results Lumpy Mail™ mailings get?

First, Lumpy Mail™ mailings are opened 100% of the time. Really. And double digit response rates aren’t uncommon with Lumpy Mail™ mailings. In fact, we had one client who had a 700% increase in their response rate when they used a Lumpy Mail™ mailing. Other businesses that use Lumpy Mail™ in their direct mail campaigns see ROI’s anywhere from 20% to 2,400%! Obviously we can’t predict the results you’ll get with a Lumpy Mail™ campaign. But we can tell you you’ll get results, and better results than a traditional direct mail campaign.


What is a more cost-effective manner of flat mail or Lumpy Mail™?

On paper, it would appear that the flat mail option is your best choice. You would be wrong. In actuality, Lumpy Mail™ is more cost-effective because as far as the long-term goes, Lumpy Mail™ products gets significantly better response rates, giving you an ROI that outperforms traditional, flat mail.


Why should I use Lumpy Mail™?

This is simple… you use Lumpy Mail™ pieces to get your mail opened.

So while it might seem cheesy to you, but there is a good reason to use Lumpy Mail™ – it works. Because they are 3D mail, Lumpy Mail™ pieces* are attention-getting and easily picked out of a pile of traditional “flat” mail. In fact, they are usually at the top of the pile simply because they aren’t flat!

Believe it or not, Lumpy Mail™ gets opened 100% of the time. That’s not a typo. People simply won’t ignore a Lumpy Mail™ piece.

All you have to do is… Add a Lump, Get a Bump


Lumpy Mail™ seems like a really good option, but I don’t think I can afford it. Do you have more affordable options?

For much smaller businesses, Lumpy Mail™ may seem like an unachievable option. Luckily for you, Lumpy Mail™ does offer some inexpensive options. But remember, you will get better response rates with Lumpy Mail™, which results in a better ROI. So the investment you make in Lumpy Mail™ does pay off.


Lumpy Mail™ is not the most professional looking products; wouldn’t our customers find it unappealing?

While Lumpy Mail™ may be an acquired taste, most customers do enjoy the colorful manner that our mailings come in because of how unique it is. If you are worried about professional looking mailings, Lumpy Mail™ does have some more upscale offerings. But keep in mind, there is no evidence to suggest that high-end clients react differently to Lumpy Mail™ than any other client.


Why aren’t your products “pretty”?

The short answer is because pretty does not sell. Lumpy Mail™ is more concerned with the end results than looking like a cute cat meme that the internet fawns over. Results are all that matters, and Lumpy Mail™ gets them.


It is a bit complicated. Is it worth it?

This is one of the easiest Lumpy Mail™ questions to answer. Of course it is worth it. Lumpy Mail™ options have incredible response rates, and that extra business that you will be bringing in will make you realize how great your decision to use Lumpy Mail™ was.


Can I really mail these pieces?

YES. Every piece on our website is able to be mailed through the USPS and other carriers. I mean honestly, it wouldn’t be a good business practice for us to sell direct mail products you can’t actually mail. We wouldn’t be in business anymore. But if you are wary and want to make sure – there is nothing wrong with taking a sample piece to the post office and verifying the mailing specifications. In fact, when you have your mailing designed, we recommend putting one together and sending a test version to yourself just to catch any potential problems and to see how your mailing holds up in shipping.

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