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Who says an envelope needs to look like an envelope?


It’s true. We stuck a mailing label and return address on a watermelon, took it to the post office and mailed it—sometimes 1st class, sometimes 3rd class. To our great surprise every watermelon was delivered the next day!

Why did we mail a watermelon? Because we wanted to use the power of Lumpy Mail to break through the clutter. (And because we wanted to see if we could actually do it.) The experiment makes a big point about how the incredible power of lumpy mail can get your prospects’ attention.

The Disadvantages: The watermelon had an enormous impact but was outrageously expensive, too heavy, a huge hassle, unpredictable, not designed to include a ‘sales letter’ and not reproducible.

The Advantages:  We used what we learned from our watermelon experience to create an entire line of Lumpy Mail products. (You might say it was a fruitful endeavor.)

Today, you can get your prospects’ attention in a big way by using our double-digit (10% plus) response generating Little Lumpy Freemiums, BIG Lumpy Freemiums, Irresistible Premiums, World’s Most Unusual Envelopes (carriers), and Lumpy Postcards.

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